Bioptron Light on long-term leg ulcers

  1. Bioptron Light on long-term leg ulcers (Testimonial from a medical professional, Korian Retirement Home, France, 2018).

The patient was an old woman who walked alone with the help of a walker, and she suffered from high blood pressure, depression, scoliosis, ulcerative varicose veins, parotid cancer, phlebitis and undernutrition. She had several ulcers on the legs for a longtime, which never healed completely (Figure 4A and 4B).


The patient was treated every day during 5 minutes with BPro 1 red filter (Figure 4C) before the standard cleaning treatment for the ulcer. To follow the evolution of the ulcers, photographs were taken at different time intervals during the Bioptron treatment.

Bioptron Leg


Figure 4. (A and B) Photographs of sparse ulcer on the legs before Bioptron treatment. (C) Easy and comfortable Bioptron use with red filter to treat leg ulcers.


All the sparse ulcers were treated with Bioptron Light Therapy, but in Figure 5 only two of the ulcers are represented, one represented over time at the upper raw, another one at the same time lapses at the bottom. At day 9 after the start of the treatment we can observe an improvement of the ulcers borders, with presence of healthy scar tissue. This improvement was constant during all the treatment until the patient decided to stop it (Day 21). At that moment the ulcer state did not worsened over time, but it did not improve neither (Figure 5, day 27). Finally, the nurses convinced the patient of the beneficial effects of Bioptron and the Light Therapy was re-started 21 days later. Two days after this new start (Day 2’) the ulcers presented an evident and huge healing improvement. At day 8 after the new start of treatment with Bioptron (Day 8’) the ulcers were almost closed and the patient did not have pain anymore.


Bioptron Leg 2

Figure 5. Photographs of two of the sparse leg ulcers ulcer over the time during Bioptron treatment. A clear improvement is visible from Day 9 until Day 27. Ulcers did not develop during the absence of Bioptron treatment. A clear improvement was observed after the second start of Bioptron treatment (photos Day2’ and 7’).


15 days after the second start of Bioptron treatment two ulcers out of four have completely healed (as the case of top raw in Figure 5), the other two almost (bottom raw in Figure 5). In conclusion, Bioptron Light therapy has a real impact on the tissue healing on complicated chronic wounds and its beneficial effects remain over time.