burned hand of a little girl treated with Bioptron

  1. Application of Bioptron Hyperpolarized Light at the burned hand of a little girl diagnosed with Down syndrome and Autism (Testimonial, Romania, 2019).

Different models of Bioptron Light Device are available to adjust to every patient needs. Bioptron is a friendly-use device available for everyone. In this case a little girl diagnosed with Down syndrome and Autism put her hand on a hot cooking plate, causing her several burns. The parents were worried about if their daughter would stay quiet and if it will be possible to apply the light therapy to her. The surprise was that she was calm and accepted the therapy with Bioptron perfectly (Figure 6A).

Bioptron with Fullerene filter was applied directly on the hand for 2 weeks: first week session of 10 min twice or three times per day, and the second week session of 10 mins once per day.

In Figure 6 the progression of the burns at different stages (Figure 6B-G) show the positive burn healing over a 2 week period of Bioptron treatment. As represented in the photos the skin under the burn wound regenerates very fast and is in a very good condition, allowing the patient to recover very quickly. In addition, in this particular case where the good and regular treatment application could be compromised for the potential agitation of the child, Bioptron accelerate the healing process in a pleasant and effective way.


Bioptron hand

Figure 6. Bioptron treatment in burns. (A) Friendly use of Bioptron. (B-G) Photos of burn progression.