Veterinary use of Bioptron Light Device

Veterinary use of Bioptron Light Device (Testimonial, Dr. Oana Alexandra Slate, Romania, 2019).

Veterinary Dr. Oana Alexandra Slate (Bucharest, Romania) has implemented Bioptron Light Therapy in her clinic with very successful results.


In the first reported case a male cat could not walk on its hindlimbs because its spine was fractured between thoracic vertebrae T9-T10, and the spinal cord was affected. The cat suffered a surgery in November 2018 and the medullary canal was reconstructed. Three months later (February 2019) the cat presented still muscular atrophy, paraplegia and low sensitivity in the hindlimbs. Dr. Slate started Bioptron Light therapy as an adjuvant medication for 18 min with the red filter. After 10 sessions the cat had a great mobility in the posterior limbs and sometimes it was even able to maintain the normal position.

In this case Bioptron was very beneficial in improving musculoskeletal problems also in animals.


In the second case, on February 2019, another cat came to the clinic with eczema in the upper nose. The microbiological scaling of the crusts was performed and the following pathogens were detected: Malassezia spp., Alternaria spp., Rhizomucor spp. and Microsporum spp. Dr. Slate started treatment with Bioptron polarized light using the color purple and the results were visible after the first session. After 10 sessions of Bioptron light therapy the cat had a full recovery without relapse (Figure 7).


These cases are excellent examples of how Bioptron could be very useful for veterinary purposes in cases of wound healing and inmunitary reinforcement. Other positive effects reported by Dr. Slate were increased vitality (especially when using red color), calming effects, signs of well-being, falling asleep after therapy and reducing pain.

Bioptron cat

Figure 7. Bioptron treatment in eczema in cats. Photos of eczema diminution over time with Bioptron Light Device treatment.